Five Ways to Replace Plastic in the Bathroom

1. Get Rid of Microbeads That exfoliating face scrub you use may say that it’s good for your skin, but in reality, it can be pretty harmful to the environment if it contains microbeads. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are commonly found in facial and body scrubs and even toothpaste and are meant

Why We Don’t Use Essential Oils

Our Philosophy On Ingredients Particularly for skincare, we believe ingredients (even the natural ones!) should be chosen based on their primary benefits to skin. If an ingredient is selected primarily to impart scent, the potential negative side effects on the skin must be considered before including them in the formula. For example citrus oils, especially

Three Fun Christmas Crafts to Make with Your Kids!

1. Toilet Paper Elf Make your own elf on the shelf with materials you can find around the house! All you need is a toilet paper roll, construction paper, and paint! If you’re feeling extra artsy, add some texture with a pom-pom and felt. Source: Arty Crafty Kids See the full instructions to make yours

Our Favourite Bed Time Stories

1. Windows by Julia Denos One of the most gorgeous children books we have ever seen, Windows tells the tale of a boy and his dog on a walk through the neighborhood on a beautiful autumn evening. Behind the story is the idea of home and the magic of curiosity, but also about how a

Best Products for Eczema Prone Skin

Our Top Product Recommendations 1. Nurturing Cream NAÏF Nurturing Cream has a unique set of active ingredients that help to repair and protect even the most sensitive baby skin. Suitable for both face and body, its healing and emollient formula make it particularly useful for spot application to rashy or dry areas such as around

Better Sleep for You and Your Baby

In the beginning, the day and night rhythm is often switched around with your baby – This is totally normal! It’s safe to say that your baby will not sleep through the night in the first few months. In fact, some babies only sleep well after a year, and sleep schedules will differ from child

Give us a Try! Introducing Our New Sampling Plan.

What’s Inside: Infant Duo This one goes out to the itty bitties out there – Our Infant Duo includes two of our most loved treatment products: NAIF Nurturing Cream and NAIF Diaper Cream. More emollient than our NAIF Softening Body Lotion, the Nurturing Cream is formulated with a nourishing set of active ingredients to help

Everything you need to know about SPF

What to apply If are you standing in front of a shelf full of brightly colored sun creams, then you will certainly look at the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number. But what does that actually mean? No sunscreen offers 100% protection against the sun. A high factor offers better protection, but there is little difference

What to do with Cradle Cap

What is Seborrheic Dermatitis? What rosacea for adults is cradle cap for babies. It is a mild form of seborrhoeic eczema: a thick, greasy and yellowish rash with redness and scaling of skin. It occurs on the head, eyebrows, the fold between nose and cheeks, behind the ears and on the chest. It is common

Naïf Products: What should you use, and when?

Brand New Baby: What you should use for the first few baths Your baby is born with a protective waxy layer, the vernix caseosa, which is formed in the 20th week of your pregnancy. This layer is actually very useful and can help protect against infections, so do not scrub it off in the first