Five Ways to Replace Plastic in the Bathroom

Happy Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate? This year, we are actively trying to replace our plastic consumption, especially at home. Aside from daily activities like no longer using plastic bags from the supermarket, you can also look to your bathroom to reduce your plastic usage. Here are our five tips to replace plastic in the bathroom:

1. Get Rid of Microbeads

That exfoliating face scrub you use may say that it’s good for your skin, but in reality, it can be pretty harmful to the environment if it contains microbeads. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic that are commonly found in facial and body scrubs and even toothpaste and are meant to function as exfoliators. However, these tiny beads can be seriously detrimental to the environment, especially when they are ingested by marine life.

Next time when you’re shopping for skincare products, opt for those that use natural exfoliators like rice and calcite granules, or even fruit peels.

2. Ditch Your Disposable Razor Blades

If you’re using disposable razors, ditch them for razors where the head can be switched out, or even better opt for an electric razor that further reduces waste.

3. Say Goodbye to Plastic Toothbrushes

Did you know that hundreds of millions of toothbrushes are disposed into landfills each year? Say goodbye to regular old plastic toothbrushes in exchange for biodegradable one made from bamboo! You can find them online on Amazon or in a regular drugstore.

4. Opt for Biodegradable Cotton Buds

The cotton balls we often use in our everyday routine are an unsuspecting culprit of excessive plastic use. Switch out the blastic buds for biodegradable options made from bamboo or wood.

5. Say Goodbye to Tampons and Sanitary Pads

Single-use sanitary pads are made with plastic that can take years to breakdown in a landfill, and even those tampons without the plastic applicators are still wrapped in plastic, which still contributes to your plastic consumption. Did you know the average woman will use 10,000 sanitary pads and tampons in her lifetime? You can greatly reduce the environmental impact during your cycles by switching to a menstrual cup.

How are you going to reduce your plastic consumption this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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