Heat Rash – What it is and what you can do to prevent it

In hot, humid weather, it’s common for babies and children to develop a heat rash. Although heat rash is uncomfortable, it usually does not require medical attention and can be easily treated. Read below to find out more about heat rash, and how to prevent it.

Heat Rash – What is it?

Heat rash is a red or pink rash that is usually found in areas of the skin often covered by clothing. It occurs when sweat ducts are clogged, causing swelling, itching, and discomfort. Skin affected by heat rash will usually appear red and irritated, and may show signs of tiny bumps. 

How to Prevent It

Heat rash is caused by excessive sweating, trapping perspiration under the skin. There is a higher risk for children who are highly active, dressed inappropriately for the weather, or are wearing clothes that prevent the skin from breathing. 

To prevent heat rash, take the following precautions: 

  1. Dress your child lightly in natural, breathable fabric like cotton and bamboo 
  2. Avoid using oils, thick creams, and ointments that can block sweat glands 
  3. Avoid staying in the sun for too long, taking frequent breaks in the shade or indoors to cool down

How to Treat It

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to prevent heat rash – no matter how hard we try. Because the sweat glands of babies and children are immature, they are highly susceptible to developing a heat rash. Fortunately, it is very easy to treat. If your child has a heat rash, here’s how to treat it: 

  1. Keep your child out of the sun, and remove or loosen any extra clothing 
  2. After a warm day, give your child a lukewarm bath with only water to clear out blocked sweat glands 
  3. Avoid using oily creams – this can make the rash worse and more painful. Opt for a zinc oxide-based cream instead. We recommend our NAÏF Diaper Cream, which is excellent for cooling and healing heat rash. 

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