Naïf Products: What should you use, and when?

As a new mum faced with a never-ending list of choices to make before baby even arrives, identifying the right products for your baby can be confusing.

At Naïf we believe that baby care should be simple which is why we have streamlined our product range to include only the essentials. Even so, we often receive questions about the suitability of products for a specific concern or age group.

To help you identify which products are appropriate for your baby, we’ve prepared the following which we hope will be helpful!

Brand New Baby: What you should use for the first few baths

Your baby is born with a protective waxy layer, the vernix caseosa, which is formed in the 20th week of your pregnancy. This layer is actually very useful and can help protect against infections, so do not scrub it off in the first few bath sessions with a harsh soap. Rather, use our Milky Bath Oil in place of a soap-based cleanser, adding in 1 capful to an infant-sized bathtub and enjoy this precious spa time with your little one! The bath oil dissolves easily in water to cleanse and protect your newborn’s delicate skin. You do not need to rinse baby off after the bath and the oils will be absorbed into the skin, moisturizing it. You can also use our gentle Soothing Baby Oil after bath to do a nice baby massage, which not only will leave your little one smelling fresh but can also help to reduce gassiness.

How often should you wash your baby’s hair?

The first months you only need water for your baby’s locks. If your little one has more hair, you can use shampoo once or twice a week rather than every day. Even if he has no hair, Naïf Nourishing Shampoo will care for the scalp.

Do you need a special mild shampoo?

A special shampoo for your mini is a must. Baby shampoo is less acidic than your own hair care. Our Naïf mild Nourishing Baby Shampoo is there for every little one and does not contain PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens and mineral oil, making it extra mild.

Our baby shampoo is dermatologically tested and gives an instant good hair day! Plus: it smells delicious and these bubbles are totally tear free!

How should I wash my baby’s hair?

For a newborn, it’s easiest in the bath. Wet the hair gently, then take a little shampoo and massage it. Rinse well and voila – you’re done.

Our shampoo is totally tear free. However, because babies blink much less than adults – only twice a minute compared to 15 a minute in adults – there is a much higher chance that water can enter the eyes. As such, do be careful when rinsing off, you may even want to use a washcloth for this.

Once your baby is all clean, it’s time to dry off. Baby’s skin is very delicate and 5 times as thin as an adult skin. So pat your baby dry, do not rub.

Does your baby have cradle cap?

No worries, your mini-me is not the only one! Thankfully, most babies do not experience any inconvenience here. Massage the scalp with a mild baby oil, like our Soothing Baby Oil, and a soft brush and leave on for a while so the dried skin is softened. Then wash the hair with a special mild baby shampoo, like our Nourishing Shampoo. After a while, the cradle cap will be lessened but there is nothing to worry about here.

And what about the rest of the body?

In the beginning, you should give your child a bath two or three times a week. If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema, then water with some breastmilk if you are breastfeeding is enough. You can start after a week with a very small splash of our Cleansing Wash Gel or Milky Bath Oil in the bath.

Wash well in the folds, and do not let your baby lie in water for more than five minutes.

To make it easier for you: purchase the New Born Essentials or The Baby Starter Kit for the first weeks. These sets will have everything you need to get started on your bathtime routine with baby. As your little one gets older, you can progress to The Toddler Essentials.

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