The Perfect Baby Massage in 8 Simple Steps

Learn baby massage with these simple steps!

We hear more and more about baby massage. But, what is it exactly? What are the benefits? And more importantly: can you also do it yourself at home? We’ve drawn up a step by step guide for you below.

We’ve all experienced this at least once, but most likely several times — You put your baby down, only for him or her to start crying. Immediately after you pick baby back up again, the crying stops. If just picking up your baby can be so soothing for them, imagine how much they could benefit from a massage. Studies have shown that massaging your little can help them sleep better, improve their health, and even help the two of you bond. To get started, we’ve listed 8 steps for you below:

What should you have at home?

  • Your baby, of course!
  • Massage oil (our personal favorite is our light and nourishing Naïf Soothing Baby Oil, which is perfect for a baby massage)

Baby Massage Tips – 8 Simple Steps

Find a safe place 

Place a pillow on the floor, a playmat, or yoga mat with a towel or blanket. That way your baby is safe and warm.

Wait until one hour after feeding

Babies are delighted to do their deeds immediately after feeding. Very nice of course, but not so during a massage. So always wait for an hour after feeding. Tip from us: always keep things for cleanup handy, you never know.

Prepare the oil

You can choose to put the oil in a container, but if you use our Soothing Baby Oil, you can just put a little on your hands every now and then. Keep room temperature, and do not heat up.

Prepare yourself!

Rings off, watch off, wash your hands and make sure your nails are short and clean.

Put the music on!

Turn off all disturbances such as TV, iPad, phone, laptop, etc. Then put on a relaxing tune. Really take the time to massage your baby. Your child will feel when you are tense, so do not look at the clock and pull out half an hour for it anyway. Oh and not unimportant: make sure you’re in a good position. Perhaps the best thing is to sit against a wall with cushions in your back.

Keep in touch

Massage is about physical connection but also about emotional connection. First, look at your baby showing baby your hands and tell your baby you’re going to give a lovely massage. It is important to keep eye contact, but also body contact. Try to keep one hand on baby all the time, especially if you need to look away to get more oil.

But how do you do the massage?

With your fingertips and a light pressure. The stronger your child is, the harder the pressure may be. Find out what your child likes.

Start at the feet and legs. Massage from the top of the leg to the feet. Then take the lower legs and make bike movements with the knees to the belly.

Massage the bottom of the feet in circular motions with your flat thumb. Massage from the heel to the toes. Do the same with the arms and hands of your baby.

Now put your hands on the chest and stroke to the side of the body. Then you go with your flat hand from the right shoulder to the left hip and from the left shoulder to the right hip. Finish the front with a circling movement over the belly.

You should only massage the back if the head is completely relaxed. If it makes you nervous, then skip the back.


If your child starts crying or becomes restless, stop. If you feel that your child does not like something, stop. But the chances are if the massage is done properly, he or she will become very relaxed! When you’re finished, dry off baby with a towel and put on nice clean clothes.


Have you tried baby massage before? Leave your comments below!

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