Sunburn? We’ve got 3 tips to help!

Ouch! Forgot your sunscreen, or didn’t apply enough? Fret not! Check out our 3 tips for sunburn, for both yourself and your little one:

1. Take a shower

Cool down with a quick shower. Instead of an ice cold shower, go for lukewarm water. This will allow the pores of the skin open so the heat can go out. While it might be tempting, do not use any soap–This will dry the skin out even more. 

2. Use aloe, lots of it!

For sunscreen, it’s too late. But aftersun is your new best friend. By the way, even if your skin is not burned by the sun, it could still use some lovin’. Choose an aftersun with aloe vera, such as Naïf’s Cooling After Sun. It calms and cools. Extra tip: Never polish with body lotion after sunbathing. This puts a greasy layer on your skin, so the heat can not go away.

3. Stay hydrated

The sun dries out your skin. From outside, solve this with aftersun, but do not forget to drink enough. Sorry, no wine or gin and tonic for you, or soda for the little ones! Fill a large can of water and prepare a packet of frozen fruit. A voilà – water with a taste for you and your little one.

Prevention is key:

The three tips above are sure to help you with a quick recovery for sunburn, but preventing sunburn is just as important. To avoid sunburn in the future, be sure to lather up with sunscreen often (every one hour). Be sure to let it soak in before jumping into the water to make sure it is most effective. Our personal favorite, for both kids and adults, is our award-winning SPF 50 Protecting Sunscreen. With a mineral-based, ultra hydrating formula and natural UV filters to physically deflect the sun’s rays for optimal broad-spectrum protection, this sunscreen is a winner! To shop, click here.


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