Traveling with your baby: Tips and tricks from Naïf

Traveling with your little one can be really stressful, especially when you're sitting in a packed plane and your child starts screaming hard.

But there are ways to make it a much smoother and more comfortable experience for baby, yourself and everyone else on board. Read on for our tips and tricks to get yourself prepared:

Top Tips:

  1. Try to sit as far as possible in the front of the plane: In the back of the plane it is noisier, it vibrates more and is less suitable for getting off than the front.
  2. The stroller: Have you decided to check in your stroller before you go through customs? Take a baby carrier or sling with you so that you can transport your child through the airport. You can also use the soft carrier to comfort your baby on board the plane or put it on the breast during take off and landing to reduce pain in the ears due to air pressure changes. If your baby is still crying from the pain, let your mini cry out, because your child pulls the jaws wide open during a cry-swoop he/she can just let the eardrums pop again, causing the uncomfortable feeling to stop immediately. The same thing happens when you ‘fake yawn’ to open your ears.
  3. Consider whether to take your stroller with a lounger or car seat. The latter is useful when you rent a car, so you do not have to rent an extra car seat, which can be quite grubby.
  4. Find out in advance what the conditions of the airline are with regard to taking a stroller and in any case with regard to babies.

Carry-on Must Haves:

  • Extra clothing and a warm blanket
  • Swaddles, baby wipes, and enough diapers
  • The NAÏF Travel Kit (a must have!)
  • The tables in the plane toilet are hard, so bring a foldable changing pad
  • Thermos with boiled water or milk. You can have the water refilled at the start of the flight so that, even if the flight attendants can not help you (for example during turbulence), you can prepare a bottle.
  • Baby food
  • Plastic or fabric bag for any dirty clothing
  • Entertainment (stuffed toys, booklets, etc.)
  • Pacifier
  • Nasal Drops
  • Extra t-shirt for yourself (you never know!)

Keep calm and fly on! 🙂

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