Why We Don’t Use Essential Oils

With essential oils at their peak popularity, you may wonder why we don’t use them in our product range. While you can find essential oils in many perfumes, cosmetics, and room fresheners to impart scent, these ultra-concentrated forms of plants can be harmful if not used properly.

Our Philosophy On Ingredients

Particularly for skincare, we believe ingredients (even the natural ones!) should be chosen based on their primary benefits to skin. If an ingredient is selected primarily to impart scent, the potential negative side effects on the skin must be considered before including them in the formula.

For example citrus oils, especially lemon, can be irritating to skin and can make the skin more susceptible to sun damage. Likewise, tea tree oil and cinnamon can often times cause a burning sensation, skin irritation, and redness.

To protect the delicate skin of the babies who use our products, we have chosen to use an allergy free fragrance base so that there will be no expressions of the negative side effects that may be found in essential oils.

Bottom Line

Next time you see essential oils listed as an ingredient in your skincare products, think twice! While these oils are natural, they aren’t always what your skin needs. If you’re unsure of how your skin will react to the ingredient, it’s always better to err on the side of caution – especially for the sensitive skin of newborns.

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