Everything you need to know about SPF

What to apply If are you standing in front of a shelf full of brightly colored sun creams, then you will certainly look at the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number. But what does that actually mean? No sunscreen offers 100% protection against the sun. A high factor offers better protection, but there is little difference

What to do with Cradle Cap

What is Seborrheic Dermatitis? What rosacea for adults is cradle cap for babies. It is a mild form of seborrhoeic eczema: a thick, greasy and yellowish rash with redness and scaling of skin. It occurs on the head, eyebrows, the fold between nose and cheeks, behind the ears and on the chest. It is common

Naïf Products: What should you use, and when?

Brand New Baby: What you should use for the first few baths Your baby is born with a protective waxy layer, the vernix caseosa, which is formed in the 20th week of your pregnancy. This layer is actually very useful and can help protect against infections, so do not scrub it off in the first

What to do with Eczema – Tips for Eczema Prone Skin

What is eczema? Eczema, put simply, is an inflammation of the skin, involving dry, red spots, often with flakes. With the smallest babies, it is usually on the cheeks and bottom. In children, eczema moves to the elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles. The natural lipid barrier of the skin is less present with eczema, leading

Traveling with your baby: Tips and tricks from Naïf

Top Tips: Try to sit as far as possible in the front of the plane: In the back of the plane it is noisier, it vibrates more and is less suitable for getting off than the front. The stroller: Have you decided to check in your stroller before you go through customs? Take a baby

The Perfect Baby Massage in 8 Simple Steps

We’ve all experienced this at least once, but most likely several times — You put your baby down, only for him or her to start crying. Immediately after you pick baby back up again, the crying stops. If just picking up your baby can be so soothing for them, imagine how much they could benefit

Sunburn? We’ve got 3 tips to help!

1. Take a shower Cool down with a quick shower. Instead of an ice cold shower, go for lukewarm water. This will allow the pores of the skin open so the heat can go out. While it might be tempting, do not use any soap–This will dry the skin out even more.  2. Use aloe, lots

3 Tips to Prevent and Soothe Dry Skin

1. Use mild soaps Most of us will go (unknowingly) for harsh soaps that leave us feeling squeaky clean. However, this can cause problems for the skin, stripping away its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritable. Trade in your harsh soap for a mild one, like our gentle, tear free Cleansing Wash Gel. For

The Truth About Perfume

Do you know that “fragrance” or “parfum” can mean any of thousands of combinations of chemicals whose identities are not disclosed? Thanks to trade-secret laws, commercial perfumes are often listed simply as “parfum” on ingredient labels. Because of this, there’s no way of knowing what compounds your perfume, or perfumes inside your baby’s products, are

The step-by-step plan for stress-free birthday parties

INVITATION No party without friends! So pick a date and start sending those invites. Not sure how many kids to invite? Your kids’ age +1 is a handy number. And the time span of your party? Three hours is long enough with bouncy kiddos (unless you have enough energy of course). PARTY OUTFIT “Life’s a