Everything is better with cream on top…

  3 tips to prevent the skin from drying out: – Use a mild soap, or even better, a wash or shower gel. A well hydrated skin will be more equipped for shielding itself against external influences. Think of that constant change between cold temperatures inside (the office) and the warm outside. – Use a rich

Tip from Elian: say goodbye to dry

It is that time of the year again; the sun is getting hotter, the temperature increases steadily and our skin gets dry. Time to take action! Give your skin and your baby’s the extra love and attention it deserves.  Because before you know it your smooth summer skin changes into a dry and itchy one! One of the main

Tip from Elian: Wash your hands regularly

We know we have to, therefore we do it all; wash our hands. After going to the bathroom, after playing  and before having dinner. But why is it necessary to wash your hands? During the entire day we get into contact with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Especially our children who play outside, play together, share

A few bullet points Pro Naïf

We are often asked the question of how we distinguish ourselves from other products out there… Sooo, this time we decided to let our fans speak and listened carefully to their feedback given to us. It was anything but difficult to grasp the main reasons speaking pro Na­ïf. Our creative family member sketched up a

Naïf’s SPF50 Protecting Sunscreen

“SUMMER WILL END SOON ENOUGH, AND CHILDHOOD AS WELL.” ― GEORGE R.R. MARTIN Therefore, we think both should be enjoyed to the fullest. And kids love fun in the sun! If it wasn’t for the dangers provoked by too many sunrays. Naïf has babies and kids covered with a SPF50 Protecting Sunscreen that has been expertly formulated

A Sunscreen that scores – Naïf wins Green Parent Beauty Award

Well, we are proud! Have you heard of The Green Parent? It is the UK’s leading green lifestyle and natural parent magazine. And it does anything but greenwashing. Their periodic publications offer insightful intelligent journalism covering the interests of parents who want to do things a bit better and fairer. Naïf strongly supports their critical attitude towards

Five things to do with our Naif diaper cream

Did you know that the secret ingredient in our Diaper Cream is Zinc Oxide? A multifunctional ingredient that is derived from a mineral called Zincite. We use Zinc Oxide because it is a very mild and natural ingredient, which offers plenty of benefits to keep your (baby’s) skin healthy. Zinc Oxide, better known as the ingredient

Mineral Oil: not as natural as it sounds

Did you know that the majority of baby care products contain an ingredient derived from petroleum? YES, you are reading it right, petroleum!   This petroleum-derived ingredient is called “Mineral Oil”. Since we did research on Mineral Oil; an ingredient which a lot of care products contain, we have started to become more selective and

5 chemical ingredients to avoid in your baby care products

One of the main reasons we started with NAÏF is that most of the big baby brands use cheap ingredients in their products that can irritate the skin and can even be potentially harmful for your baby. As the ingredient label on the back of your products is not that easy to read for most